Why choose a toilet for comfort height?

Have you ever wondered what is meant by the term? comfort height toilet? (I know, strange topic). When I worked at Home Depot as a kitchen / bathroom designer, I regularly helped clients in the plumbing hallways. One thing I would always suggest if a customer buys a new toilet or a water closet as it is called in the architecture industry is to have a comfort height toilet.

A comfort height toilet is a little higher than a regular toilet. (An average residential toilet is between 14 “and 16” long). The height of a ease height seating can be found anywhere between 17 “and 19” high. The best seat height is 18 “, but if you have found a toilet that you like the features a lot, such as that it will never clog, or a toilet with low flow, then I will go with a height as close as possible to the 18 “go.

So, why do the Comfort choice? Because it is much easier to get on and off, you also do not have to be limited to appreciate the higher seat. It’s easier on the legs while sitting when the seat is in the higher range. Of course, the size of the person using the bathroom should be considered if possible: if Aunt Mable is 4′-10 “, the Height of comfort will probably not offer comfort. Accessible restrictions should also be considered.

Another good choice when choosing a new toilet is to choose the elongated bowl, as it fits more naturally with the shape of the human body than on the round seat. The round bowl is reminiscent of outdoors. If you are currently renovating your bathroom, you need to consider the large selection of toilet choices and those who use the toilet. It is easier to plan for the future and make comfortable choices now rather than having to do it later. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Take a good look at yourself.

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