Welding: why welding sucks (and what you can do about it)

If you can weld or want to weld now, is that a big deal? Yes and no.

Welding can be a very difficult skill to acquire for years – or an afternoon (or a few days) at home. The question is, do you make stinking money from it? Yes, you like to weld (I do). Why do some welders roll in money and others are so broken that it’s not funny? Get answers NOW.

Let’s see, can anyone drop by Home Depot and buy a small Lincoln flux core welder and learn to weld in an afternoon or a day or two? Yes.

The welding machine I am referring to is about the size of the hand luggage and plugs in any 120 volt socket. Follow the instruction booklet (always read the safety section and apply it all – please), and then the person can run a decent bead on the apartment, just like that. Really – in a few hours of attention you can run decent beads with good penetration.

The REAL question is: can you use that skill and make money?

Think about it – you can read this article, jump in the car, buy the welding machine, plug in and weld for a few hours and have a ‘skill’ at a certain level. What does it make you? It makes you a person with a very limited skill, but a skill nonetheless.

When I was 13, I welded the exhaust gas to one of my many cars (I turned cars around profitably for 11 to 22 years). Welding was handy for older cars of the early 60’s and even the early 50’s because it was ‘heavy metal’. I was not a big welder at the time, but being able to weld can make a difference – it allowed me to do repairs and add value to a car. Instead of caring about Mickey Ds burgers, I could always have a lot of money.

Later, at the age of 19 and just in high school, I built gates – beautiful gates that look beautiful today, 40 years later. I was self-trained in welding and I highly recommend it (welding self-instruction and self-instruction for almost any skill).

Why then is the title of this article: “Welding Sucks?” Well, for most welders it sucks. It’s not fun to be stuck in a factory with limited skills and not earn enough money and act like a robot all day.

What can you do to make welding fun again?

When you first started welding, it was nice. You do not have to make money right away. AND everyone around you has told you that there will be a ‘good job’ waiting for you if you are good with welding – so keep going.

Maybe you went through one or two years of welding training – and then the truth hits you like a brick wall. You found out that no one wanted to pay you big bucks for welding …

What is the secret?

What is the secret that no one reveals to the welders? This is marketing. If you can MARKET your skill – no matter what the skill – if you are able to weld or wash windows, if you can MARK the skill, you will earn all the money you and your family need. If you can not, you will not. This is when welding is NOT fun – when you can not make good money from it.

What can you do about it?

Step 1:

Stop thinking “Job”. JOB stands for ‘Just Over Broke’. If you want to live your life that way, get a job or keep the one you have.

What is the difference between a window washer that works for someone else and a window washer that makes a lot of money for 28 years?

I met Suzy the other day. Suzy lives in a house on the waterfront with a dock. Suzy has a new GMC 4 door truck (very nice). Suzy no longer bothers to advertise her business. Suzy has been cleaning windows for 28 years as an independent window cleaner. She does not have to advertise.

Why do I tell you about a window cleaner?

Suzy became an Independent Window Cleaner 28 years ago. She employs 3 window cleaners and each pays $ 10 per hour. Suzy raises $ 20 an hour for every hour her cleansers work. Suzy also drives a fourth truck herself. Add to that – Suzy earns $ 30 an hour from her workers and she earns another $ 20 an hour for the hours she works. Suzy earns $ 100,000 a year washing windows. This is called ‘capitalism’.

Why should you be a capitalist?

We live in a capitalist society. This means that if you now weld $ 10 per hour, you can weld as an independent welder for $ 30 per hour (or more) by simply being ‘in business’ instead of a working drone’ for someone else . Is it hard to believe? Believe it – it’s simply TRUE!

$ 30 an hour is cheap for a welder.

I’m telling you: you can earn $ 30 next week with minimum welding skills if you understand and apply basic marketing skills.

What about immigrants? Meet Tom:

Tom (not his Vietnamese name) is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Tom is 60. In 1980, Tom was one of 25 people who flocked on a small fishing boat that had left Communist Vietnam and were on their way to Hong Kong – at the risk of his life – to move to a new one. to escape life of freedom.

The captain of the boat puts a gun to the compass. It screwed up the compass. They were lost at sea. They did not get any more petrol. They have no more food. The seas became wild. Tom was pretty sure they would all die.

They see a ship in the distance. They wave with their coats. They were told food and gas which way to go to reach Hong Kong. Tom was in the US. Tom was totally devastated – and he did not speak any English.

Tom works 15 hours a day and saves money. He met Lany and they rescued. They opened a nail salon and then another. Today, Tom and Lany are comfortable in America. Their house is almost paid for and they have a big retirement. Why? Tom and Lany worked hard and understood marketing. And yes, they had a skill – they started by getting a license to do nails. Can you see – “doing nails” was only part of their success – actually the small part.

What does this have to do with welding?

Everything! However, welding has so many advantages over cleaning windows and nails! You can start right away and be an entry level welder and work for you a week from now, if that’s what you want. Unlike cleaning windows and nails, you can apply your welding skills while walking – to teach yourself from home – until your welding skills are worth $ 100 an hour (sit down)

Do not (yet) buy a welder at Home Depot.

If you buy the right welder and do the right things with marketing, you can be busy within 2 to 3 weeks and do whatever you want. How? It requires mastering some basics of marketing – and hard work – but as a boatman in Vietnam who could not speak English, he can do it too.


Your success has nothing to do with money or the economy. It has to do with believing in yourself. From there, you just have to pay attention to what really matters.

What should you do next?

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