How much should you expect to pay for a good little bookshelf

There are many types of bookshelves in stores and online, and we usually take into account different factors when we want to buy a bookshelf: price, appearance and strength / durability.

All of these factors affect the price you have to pay, and although most people first look at the aesthetic value of the piece, they want to know how it will fit in their home, and often they find the perfect bookshelf just because it is too expensive.

I once found a wonderful bookshelf for a children’s room, I just wanted a white bookshelf with a leading design, but the price of a few hundred dollars for a bookshelf that would probably be abused by children got me make you think a little longer.

So what should we spend on a small bookshelf?

I have heard that white bookshelves are often cheaper than wood tones because the wood can be of a lower quality as it is painted. My experience tells me otherwise.

Yes, you can buy cheap white or wood tone bookshelves, and the color does not affect the price. The quality and design are the real components of the price. Strength and durability will often be linked to quality. Few professional furniture manufacturers use expensive wood to make furniture that breaks easily. If you buy a solid wood shelf of good quality, you have to pay more than a hundred dollars for a small booklet. Some exotic woods cost more.

If you want a nice bookshelf that will last the last generation, it is still available, but if you need a small bookshelf that can hold books for a few years, as in the case of university students, then you should look at a price below the $ 100 threshold. Many stores, local and online sellers, have a large selection of these inexpensive bookshelves. Home Depot, Walmart and other well-known chains come to us.

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