Choose the right replacement canopy for your garden house

There is a garden shed sitting in the garden, with no canopy, for the original that came with the garden shed was torn and torn after years of wear and tear, and the frame is still in excellent condition. What are you doing? You can throw away the gazebo and pour out $ 300 to $ 500, maybe even $ 1,000 or more for a new gazebo OR buy a replacement canopy to fit your existing frame. It is certainly a good idea to buy a new gazebo, but throwing away the old metal frame from the old gazebo, which is not that old at first, is not environmentally friendly. Plus, it’s a lot of money to pay for a new frame every few years. So the only practical, environmentally friendly and cost effective solution is to buy a replacement canopy. You will not only have a new top for your gazebo frame, but also years and fun for you and your family.

There are many replacement canopies to choose from, and it all depends on the type of frame you have. The gazebos of today are in all shapes and sizes, and the gazebos seem to be getting bigger. It is very rare these days to find an 8 x 8 square garden house. Today, gazebos come in all shapes and sizes, deviating from the traditional square shape, offering rectangular, hexagonal and round shapes. Since different stores offer in gazebo shapes, style is just as important. Detailed scrolling on the canopy, such as leaves, flowers and latticework, gives the garden houses a unique look, as if the garden house is another room where you can relax or entertain guests. The ability to customize and add furniture and other decor creates an extension of the family living room, only it is outside.

Which canopy is suitable for me?

Since each garden house is different, so are the replacement canopies. All of our replacement canopies we manufacture are made specifically for that garden home. The first step in determining which replacement shed you need is with a model number (also known as style number, SKU number, etc.). This model number can be the manufacturer’s model number or the model number that the store assigned to the product. This is the garden house’s identification number. The model number can be found on a label at the bottom of the original canopy or on the net set. The manual also contains the model number. Most think that the model number is etched on the frame of the garden house. This is not the case, and should be a suggestion for the manufacturer, as this is the easiest place to find the model number.

If you do not know or have the model number, reduce the shop where you bought the garden house, the different types of garden houses you go with, to determine which replacement canopy fits your frame. We have replacement canopies for gazebos sold at major box stores, such as Home Depot, Target and Wal-Mart, to name a few.

What makes my garden house different from the rest?

The store where the garden house was purchased and the model number are the best chance to find a replacement canopy. However, if it is not available, the unique features of the framework are another tool to find the specific canopy sheet. Ask yourself, “What makes my garden house different?” Finishes, or ornaments such as light bulbs, arrows and spears used to attach the canopy to the gazebo frame.

Gazebos are usually single-faced or double-faced. A single frame roof looks like a pyramid. A double-level frame has a different upper structure to accommodate another smaller canopy. The way the canopy attaches to the frame is also another difference to consider. Some canopies hang over the frame of the garden house for a secure fit. Other canopies are attached with a corner bag design, where the canopy is attached to poles that extend beyond the frame of the garden house. Some attach with brackets in holes on the frame. In addition, each garden house is built differently. Some garden sheds have panels with detailed roll or shelves on which you can display plants, vases and other outdoor items. Strong, sturdy posts, or a fenced look, are also unique features that differ at every garden house.

Choose the right replacement canopy

The best way to determine which roofing sheet you need for your frame is with a model number. The diverse details of the gazebo frame can also help, but it will not guarantee the fit. Although there is a universal available, your gazebo will look brand new again if you choose a custom fit. The universal replacement canopy offers a generic fit and is not a fit for most standard 10 x 10 square size gazebos. With a custom canopy, the canopy is less likely to deteriorate, as a replacement canopy that does not fit can shorten the life of the canopy. In addition, the accumulation of water after a light or heavy rainstorm creates a pool of water on the canopy, leading to mold formation and tearing of the fabric.

If you want to make your gazebo look new again, you and your family will definitely enjoy it for years to come. Our replacement canopies are made of a nylon material and weigh 200 grams per square meter, which is above the industry standard of 140 grams per square meter. The material is perhaps 30% more durable than the canopy that comes with your original garden house. Our replacement canopies are lacquered like waterproof and are also UV-treated.

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